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Mountains or beach? Small town or big city? Barbecue or Sea Bass? Flea market or Neiman Marcus? Civil War or Civil Rights? The most wonderful thing about Georgia is that while you're here, you can be whoever you want to be. Want to play 18 holes of world-class golf, then hike the Appalachian Trail? You can do that. Want to travel through small towns, visiting local fairs and staying in country inns, then wander among Picassos and Monets and stay in four-star hotels? You can do that, too. In Georgia, you can do pretty much anything.

Getting to Georgia is easy. Hartsfield International Airport is the world's busiest passenger airport, with more than 2,000 daily flights to and from cities throughout the nation and the world. Interstates 75, 85, 95, and 20 all cross through Georgia. Amtrak stations can be found in Atlanta, Columbus, Gainesville, Jesup, Macon, Savannah, and Toccoa. Bus transportation is also readily available. While in Atlanta, you can take advantage of MARTA, our modern and efficient rapid rail and bus system.

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When Blue Moon Pizza opened in 2003, the basic idea was simple: Give people an everyday place that still feels special. Create a restaurant with simple but top-notch food, a fun, down-to-earth atmosphere, at reasonable prices. And oh yeah, how about a full-service bar? Pizza seemed like the perfect signature item, a sharing kind of food everybody loves, to which you can bring unlimited creative touches.

In a city that is becoming increasingly populated with the Indian culture, one would think that there should be an abundance of traditional, home-style Indian cuisine. Unfortunately, in Atlanta, this is not the case. Most of the Indian restaurants have incorporated an overly heavy taste and style to there food. In many situations the food will leave you feeling weighed down while lifting a tremendous load off of your wallet. Thankfully, Atlanta is home to the one truly fabulous, home-style Indian eatery that has the traditional taste of home without the exuberant price of other quality restaurants: Bhojanic, a family owned and operated restaurant, specializing in traditional Northern Indian cuisine that has the real taste of home. Bhojanic understands the need for authentic Indian fare. With over 13 years of experience in catering and food service, the owners of Bhojanic are skillful at making superior Indian food. The quality, effort, and taste that this restaurant provides are unmatched! The finest vegetables and meats are used to create the flavorful experience of the Indian culture. The food you find at Bhojanic is exactly like the food cooked in the homes of India. Lacking heavy creams, starches, and other high calorie ingredients; their recipes are ideal for those who are health conscious. Using only olive oil, yogurts, authentic Indian spices, and other fresh ingredients allows the food to remain nourishing, light, and filling. This is a great alternative to average dinning out menu.

Captain Joe's Seafood has five locations serving southern Georgia (but we'll feed folks from anywhere). If you are looking for genuine, wild Georgia shrimp, fresh seafood, mouth-watering steaks cooked right, and Southern service with a smile, Captain Joe's is ready to please.

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