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Ohio is a great tourist destination. In fact, it's easier than ever to reach all the wonderfully exciting and interesting things there are to see and do here. Ohio's extensive network of interstate highways, fast trains and modern airports make the entire state extremely accessible, and dozens of local and regional visitors bureaus can readily provide complete, up-to-the-minute information about accommodations and attractions in each area.

Whether you're planning to stay only an hour or for an entire month, Ohio is one of the most "user-friendly" destinations in the nation. The sheer diversity of the state makes it ideal for group tours. It's bordered by a sparkling Great Lake and a grand river, two extraordinary national treasures that not only transport considerable freight and pleasure craft but also carry their own romance, lore and traditions. Ohio gave America Annie Oakley, Thomas Edison, Zane Grey, Neil Armstrong and several presidents. It has classy cities and quaint country villages, pristine islands and pretty riverboat towns; historic inns and incredible art museums; the living history of restored pioneer villages and the ancient history of preserved Native American earthworks; fantastic theme parks and phenomenal natural areas; an incomparable Amish Country and awesome Appalachian culture. To experience this-and much more-all you have to do is head for Ohio. And when you get here, one thing's for certain: You'll have a dickens of a good time.

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Amar India Restaurant: Aesthetic decor, delicious food, and unparalleled service - come taste the authentic sounds of India. Our delicious cuisines are prepared by our world-renowned chefs, who have created mouth-watering masterpieces sure to delight your taste buds.

Bella's Italian Grille opened its door for the first time in 1999 in Downtown Celina, Ohio. The restaurant began with a crew of four part-time and two full-time employees, including Owner Julie Cole and Chef Mike McLeland. In addition to many new employees, Julie's husband, Tony Fleck, their daughter Maddie and Julie's mother Nancy Otis have joined the Bella's crew.

Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ was established in 2010 in Carrollton, Ohio by Jimmy & Sara. Jimmy & Sara invented and perfected their recipes – literally in their backyard – while entertaining family and friends. They decided to bring their delicious BBQ to everyone by opening their first location in Carrollton, Ohio. Jimmy & Sara’s focus was to provide excellent customer service and delicious food.

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