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The Pacific coast - You can\'t argue with a gentle ocean breeze that soothes you or a raging storm that entertains you as you eat fresh seafood on the shore. Life is good. A volcano near the ocean in the west becomes a sea of mountains and forests and dark diamond lakes as you travel east into some of the most accessible and spectacular wilderness on the planet. The forests and beaches and mountains are here together, to amaze you and soothe you. Hells Canyon and Umatilla National Forest are places you talk about forever.

These are among some the most spectacular and interesting areas you\'ll experience during your visit to Washington State. From natural wonders like the rainforests and towering volcanos, to manmade structures like the Space Needle and the Grand Coulee Dam. Visit them up close; come to Washington State.

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A dedicated catch-and-release fisherman, Chef is proud to be traveling to Washington, D.C. in October 2009 with Trout Unlimited to speak with members of Congress about the assured destruction of habitat if a proposed open-pit mine is built on Bristol Bay, Alaska. Bristol Bay is the largest wild salmon fishery in the U.S. and contributes 40 percent of the worldÂ’s sockeye salmon supply. In November, Chef and wife/partner Terresa will be hosting a VIP dinner at Steelhead Diner for Bristol Bay fishermen, sport fishing representatives, elected officials and others.

As the premier athletic and social club on Seattle's Eastside, the Bellevue Club attracts the Northwest's most prominent and visionary citizens.

The Hostess House, located in Vancouver Washington, was established in 1984. This is the only facility in the Pacific Northwest that was designed and built especially for weddings and receptions. There is a beautiful chapel on one side of the building that seats 200 guests. The entire back wall looks out onto a romantic garden setting with waterfall.

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