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The Pacific coast - You can\'t argue with a gentle ocean breeze that soothes you or a raging storm that entertains you as you eat fresh seafood on the shore. Life is good. A volcano near the ocean in the west becomes a sea of mountains and forests and dark diamond lakes as you travel east into some of the most accessible and spectacular wilderness on the planet. The forests and beaches and mountains are here together, to amaze you and soothe you. Hells Canyon and Umatilla National Forest are places you talk about forever.

These are among some the most spectacular and interesting areas you\'ll experience during your visit to Washington State. From natural wonders like the rainforests and towering volcanos, to manmade structures like the Space Needle and the Grand Coulee Dam. Visit them up close; come to Washington State.

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Jake's Western Grill serves great food in Lynden's Towne Plaza next to Food Pavilion. We specialize in smoked BBQ items including our famous baby back ribs. We are the only restaurant in Lynden where you will find heapin' portions with a southern flair in a casual atmosphere with great service for a reasonable price. Come and get it!

Assaggio Ristorante serves an extensive menu of authentic Italian fare and hand-selected Italian wines consistently receives top honors.

Wild Sage is Spokane's premier downtown bistro for casual and romantic dinners, or drinks, desserts and small plates after a show or event. View photos of the restaurant. We are located just a few blocks from Spokane's downtown retail core, office buildings and the city's flourishing arts and entertainment venues including the Fox and Bing Crosby Theatres. We invite you to join our dining club and take advantage of specials offered exclusively to our members.

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